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ESP32 Debug Shields

A really easy way to use the ESP-Prog to Debug your ESP32 sketches.

A simple breakout board for making using the ESP-Prog easier. For use with debugging functionality

Available versions There are multiple versions of this board available, they are the same other than they work with different ESP32 based boards

ESP32 MiniKit:

Adafruit Feather Huzzah32:

Note: The Built-in LED of the Huzzah32 board is on pin 13, which the Debug Shield requires, so it can not be used.

Required Additional Parts:

ESP-Prog from Aliexpress

Info Please note, I could not program the ESP32 (via it's own USB cable) while the ESP-Prog was connected to it. Disconnecting the ribbon cable worked.

Andreas Spiess Video on setting up the debugger