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Who are we ?

We are a small company founded in 2020 during the throws of lockdown as many where at the time. We are a husband and wife team. It all started out on Tindie later also moving to selling on ebay, lectronz and out own webstore at

Why ?

We started out based around one product in the form of the epever board designed around the esp01, this evolved into the product we have today and has then also branched out to support different brands of charge controllers and inverters. Alongside this other products have been developed along with way. These have been designed to fit a specific need so this means while we sell a small number of items they are quite eclectic.

Where are we going ?

We really want to try moving further on and progressing and this site is the first step to form a base where we can support new products in development.


We try our best to listen to users feedback, our products are hosted on github and we also have a small discord server for discussions.


Discord Link